Posted by: ronmcburnie | February 10, 2010

More about the Pinnacles view

Tobias and the Angel

The view west of the Ross River (in Townsville) with the distinctive silhouette of the Pinnacles in the background is one which l am very fond of drawing. When I am not teaching I try to go down to the river late in the day when it is not too hot. I started working outdoors more often about a year or two ago with Euan macleod (an artist based in Sydney). I started by using Jo Sonja acrilic paints on paper which Euan introduced me to and still uses with great success.

When I travelled to Alayrac in France in 2009 I wasn’t able to carry many art materials so through necessity I chose to use a set of watercolour pans and a few fountain pens designed especially for drawing. The moment I started using a combination of these materials, I realised the similarity of the drawn marks I made and those I produced on plates with the etching needle. Before working outdoors I often worked in the studio making large etchings like the one illustrated here. Although the etchings were sometimes based on the same landscape, they often brought together the local landscape and art historical references.


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