Posted by: ronmcburnie | February 8, 2010

Painting outdoors

Pinnacles near sunset

Since returning from France last year most of the paintings I have made are worked up plein air and sometimes finished in the studio. I try not to use photographs as reference for these works but choose instead to try to complete most outdoors then remember what I have been looking at when I am back in the studio. In the drawing of the Pinnacles late afternoon, I tried to leave as much undefined area as I could on the right hand side to highlight the intense glare of the afternoon sun as it almost shone directly into my eyes. I like to use a selection of different fountain pens and inks but I often use a Japanese Sailor Chalana pen with a very fine nib in the distant areas.
Often I combine the pen with watercolour.



  1. This image of the Pinnacles near sunset is really beautiful. I love the drawing and the way it sort of looks unfinished on the right – but then drawing is my thing. What do you think your pictures will look like in ten years time?

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